Meikermis Fair, a great success after two years of absence

Meikermis fair successfully returned to Groningen for eleven busy days of rides after two years of covid restrictions.

“It’s so nice to be able to do normal things again,” said a student to 9to5. She’s just come off the 65 meters spinning ride “Airborne” that launches you at 125Km/h, as you experience 4,5 G of gravitational pull. “Don’t eat or drink before going,” she says. “The first two rolls are rough but you get used to it after,” she adds. Our interviewee laughs hysterically, showing good spirit. “There’s a great view from the top,” she ends.

She explains this year’s fair was very busy and crowded, especially on Saturday night, when long queues formed to get on the rides. When asked if she’s concerned she might get covid in the crowd, she replied: “No, honestly I feel I am boostered enough, I am not worried”.

Meikermis rides in Grote Markt. Credit: Guido Cocconi

“Great success! Very busy!” exclaims a happy but tired cashier of one of the rides on Grote Markt, while serving tickets to people in the queue. “We missed it very much, not just financially but also the people,” adds another worker at one of the kids’ rides on Ossenmarkt.

Meikermis in Ossenmarkt. Credit: Guido Cocconi

“It was great, we missed it,” said a mother at Ossenmarkt. Her kids have just got off a ride and call her for drinks and candy. “It was too crowded in the city though,” she adds. Another mother is waiting for her son to finish the ride and thinks the fair was great too. When asked what she liked the most, she replied: “That my kid is happy”.

Last Sunday at Meikermis in Vismarkt. Credit: Guido Cocconi

9to5 asked a resident in Ossenmarkt if the noise bothered him: “No, not at all”. A couple living in a flat on Grotemarkt, next to the ABN Amro bank, said it was very noisy and crowded on Saturday night. When asked if that bothered them they replied: “Not at all, it’s only eleven days a year”.

Ferris wheel in Vismarkt. Credit: Guido Cocconi

Head Photo Credit: Guido Cocconi

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