Groningen Bus Drivers Strike – VIDEO

by Jan Douwe Krist and Kelvin Bras

June 2nd, 2022 – Yesterday morning, bus drivers in Groningen and Appingedam took part in a series of nationwide strikes. Bus companies have offered a 2.8% pay raise, but according to labour union FNV this is not enough.

Bus drivers within the FNV union are frustrated that no negotiations about the labour agreement took place between them and the bus companies. They proposed final agreement does not solve problems with a shortage of drivers, stagnant wages and increasing work pressure, states Edwin Kuiper from FNV.

However, the smaller union CNV did accept the offer from the bus companies. For Driver Ed van Viegen this was a reason to leave CNV: “Even though they knew the other union had problems with this agreement, they went ahead and signed anyway. That was the reason for me to change union.”

Whether due to CNV drivers who are not striking, or bus companies calling in freelance drivers, the strike was barely noticeable in the city of Groningen. Passengers in Appingedam did suffer from cancellations and delays of busses in the morning.

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